A portfolio site of Gar Liu - specializing in front end development



Designed and developed platform to create quilt patterns as well as to purchase patterns. By treating each quilt pattern like a digital colouring book customers are able to test out all sorts of colour combinations before they buy the pattern.
Date: May 2018
Developed microsite for Loblaws Eat Together campaign using React. Also developed a custom content managment system using Firebase and Reactjs.
Date: January 2018
Real Canadian Super Store
Built the front end platform for Real Canadian Super Stores to showcase stories.
Date: September 2017
An exploration of typography and motion - 2 things I'm deeply passionate about. The PieChart Font is the first of the collection and is built entirely from code.
Date: Febuarary 2018
A pet project where I designed and developed an app to randomise anything in a fun way. It's also a platform that allows me to add various styles of visualising information randomly.
Date: January 2018
I made a particle library that uses web fonts to be expressed through thousands of particles. To show what the library can do, I created a demo that used the lyrics of a music video by M83. By mixing combinations of various types of animations, this made the lyrics more expressive by being able to adapt to the cinematography of the music video. This is a work in progress and will grow to allow users to make their own music videos.
Date: 2016 October
From 2014-2023, the city of Toronto will spend approximately $3.2 billion on capital projects. Filter and sort this visualization by ward to see where and how that money is being spent.
Date: 2016 April

Since 2006, I've worked with many of the top ad agencies in Toronto as a creative developer. As a front end developer my clients normally hire me to develop microsite and banner development, while offering ideas on creativity and usability. I'm always looking for new clients and projects feel free to reach out if you want to talk.